12 of the World’s Most Spectacular Long-Distance Cycling Routes

Multi-day bike rides might seem intimidating to some cyclists. They require a lot of time and careful preparation to finish. However, these journeys are an amazing opportunity to uncover your hidden biking potential and enjoy some of the most incredible cycling destinations.

In this article, we have gathered a collection of the finest long-distance cycling routes in the world. From the wild hills of Scotland to the sunny beaches of Australia, every path offers a mix of tough exercise, cultural immersion, and fantastic views. So whether you’re seeking guidance or a burst of motivation, we hope this selection assists you in planning your next unforgettable long-distance bike ride.

1. Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG), UK – 1791 km

Traverse the length of the UK, exploring its diverse culture and nature.

  • Starting/Ending: Land’s End to John O’Groats
  • ↗️ 17,060 m ↘️ 17,170 m
  • Pavement: Mostly paved, with some gravel sections.

West Goes East Cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats (Lejog) 🚴🏽‍♂️ In a HEATWAVE!

2. Mizen to Malin (MizMal), Ireland – 585 kilometers

Journey across Ireland’s stunning landscapes, from south to north.

  • Starting/Ending: Mizen Head to Malin Head
  • ↗️ 4,221 m ↘️ 4,211
  • Pavement: Primarily paved, with occasional mixed surfaces.

Daragh’s Journies Mizen to Malin 2021 – A Cycle Trip The Length of Ireland

3. North Coast 500 (NC500), Scotland – 809 kilometers

Explore the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands along the coastline.

  • Starting/Ending: Inverness, circular route
  • ↗️ 7,347 m ↘️ 7,358
  • Pavement: Mix of smooth tarmac and rougher sections.

Global Cycling Network Bikepacking Scotland’s North Coast 500 In Three Days | Si’s Ultra Endurance Challenge

4. Ride Across America, USA – Approx. 4851 kilometers

A coast-to-coast adventure through diverse American landscapes.

  • Starting/Ending: Varies (East to West Coast)
  • Pavement: Varies, from asphalt highways to gravel roads.

matt: hike-bike-camp Biking across America: Portland to Portland

5. Pacific Coast Highway, USA and Canada – 2900 kilometers

Experience the spectacular Pacific coastline on this scenic route.

  • Starting/Ending: Vancouver, Canada to Southern California, USA
  • Pavement: Predominantly paved.
  • ↗️ 35,117 m ↘️ 35,193

Aspen’s Wanderings CYCLING THE PACIFIC COAST from CANADA to MEXICO on my Surly LHT- A Bike Tour of a LIFETIME!!!

6. Going to the Sun Road, USA – Roughly 80 kilometers

A breathtaking ride through Montana’s Glacier National Park.

  • Starting/Ending: West Glacier to St. Mary
  • 📈 Elevation: 1,500m
  • Pavement: Paved mountain road.

Mediocre Amateur Glacier National Park // Riding Bikes on Going to the Sun Road with No Cars

7. Trans Mexico, Mexico – 3500 kilometers

Discover the rich culture and varied terrain of Mexico.

  • Starting/Ending: Tijuana to Cancún
  • 📈 Elevation: ~25,000m
  • Pavement: Mix of paved and rural roads.

CYCLINGABOUT Her FIRST Bikepacking Trip // Trans-Mexico 2000km Adventure Documentary [EP.17]

8. Tour d’Afrique, Africa – 11010 kilometers

An epic journey across Africa, from the pyramids to Table Mountain.

  • Starting/Ending: Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa
  • 📈 Elevation: >50,000m
  • Pavement: Varied, including asphalt and dirt paths.

vandermint Tour d’Afrique

9. Highway One, Vietnam – 2300 kilometers

A culturally rich route spanning the length of Vietnam.

  • Starting/Ending: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City
  • Description: 📈 Elevation: ~15,000m
  • Pavement: Primarily paved.

Karam in the World A 2000km Ride from Hanoi to Saigon || Vietnam By Bike

10. Friendship Highway, China/Nepal – 806 kilometers

Journey through the Himalayas on this high-altitude, awe-inspiring route.

  • Starting/Ending: Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 📈 Elevation: ~15,000m
  • Pavement: Mostly paved.

The Himalayas Diaries Cycling Through The Himalayas – Nepal China Friendship Highway

11. Shimanami Kaido, Japan – 70 kilometers

A scenic and accessible island-hopping route in Japan.

  • Starting/Ending: Onomichi to Imabari
  • 📈 Elevation: 1,500m
  • Pavement: Well-maintained asphalt.

Kampai Cam in Japan A Japan MUST: Cycling the Shimanami Kaido!

12. Great Ocean Road, Australia – 243 kilometers

Enjoy Australia’s most famous coastal ride with stunning ocean views.

  • Starting/Ending: Torquay to Allansford
  • 📈 Elevation: ~2,000m
  • Pavement: Smooth tarmac.


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