Export your MapMagic route to Garmin Connect

Hey, Garmin users! We’ve got some news for you! Do you use Garmin Connect? At MapMagic we have just implemented seamless export to your Gamin Connect account. Whether you are into running, hiking, backpacking, cycling, mountain biking, or kayaking, your MapMagic route is one click away from your Garmin Connect.

If you use Garmin but don’t know what is Garmin Connect yet, it’s a great tool to connect your Garmin device with the outside world. With Garmin Connect you can easily import routes to your Garmin device (planned routes are called courses there). Or the other way around, export the result of your workout/adventure as a track file, which you can then import to MapMagic, attach pictures and share your breathtaking trip with your friends, of course.

Let us quickly guide you through the process of connecting your Garmin Connect account with MapMagic and exporting your first route.

On a route you want to export, click on the menu icon (three dots in the top right corner of the route card) and click Send to Garmin menu item:

If that’s your first time, you’ll see a modal window with a single button:

Clicking “Connect with my Garmin Connect” will open a separate window, where Garmin Connect will ask you to grant us permission to upload Courses to your account. Click Save and then click Agree. The window will close automatically, returning you back to the MapMagic page where you’ll most likely see that your route segments were already uploaded. Woosh, just like that!

We save the connection to your Garmin account, so the next time when you click ”Send to Garmin”, the route will immediately start uploading, showing you the progress. After everything is done, you can click “Open Garmin Connect” to review the uploaded route on the Courses page or just close the modal to continue with your route in MapMagic.

That integration is a step towards empowering and simplifying your route planning experience, so we are eager to hear your feedback! Missing some feature? Want to have an integration with a service we are not connected with yet? Join the community and share your thoughts with us.

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