Outdoor Event Organizers: Get Free MapMagic PRO Subscriptions!

Introducing our unique support program for outdoor events organizers—free MapMagic PRO subscriptions for your participants.

How To Get Free Pro Subscriptions?

Step 1: Fill out a simple form.

Step 2: Check your inbox for 3 promo codes for a yearly MapMagic PRO subscription.

Step 3: Use them all you want: distribute them to your participants, reward your race winners, or organize exciting competitions—the possibilities are endless!

Who Is The Program For?

  • Organizers of any outdoor event: cycling, hiking, running, and others.
  • Outdoor events of any scale, from tens to thousands of participants. 
  • Those who want to encourage participants and add to the fun of the event.

What Is MapMagic?

We are an advanced route planner for cycling and hiking created by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. 

“There’s a team of cycling fans behind MapMagic, who want to make rides even more fun! Whether you organize major cycling events or just weekend rides for a bunch of friends, claim your complimentary PRO accounts.”

Alex, co-founder at MapMagic 

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