Across Andes 2024

Across Andes stands as Chile’s inaugural ultracycling event, navigating through some of the planet’s most formidable terrain. Embrace the daring

Cohutta Cat 2024

Cohutta Cat is a 290-mile figure-8 loop unsupported bikepacking adventure in the mountains North Georgia and Eastern Tennessee starting and

The Big Lonely 2024

The Big Lonely is an unsupported bikepacking adventure in beer & bike paradise: Bend, Oregon. The route is a mix

The GOATS 2024

The GOATS is a 740km, D+ 17500m, 70% off-road ultra distance unsupported cycling event taking place in Serra da Estrela,

Dead Ends & Dolci 2024

Dead Ends & Dolci is a 500km and 9,000hm gravel bikepacking event with five dead ends taking place in Ticino,

North Central Washington (NCW) 250

The NCW 250 is a 250 mile self-supported bikepacking event in North Central Washington bypassing the towns of Waterville, Chelan, Plain, Leavenworth, and Cashmere.

Istra Land 2024

Istra Land is a 400km 70% off-road unsupported bikepacking adventure across the Istrian peninsula. You will discover the beautiful ridge

Iberica Traversa 2024

The Iberica-Traversa bicycle adventure takes you across the Iberian Peninsula from Irun, at the Bay of Biscay to Tarifa the most southern point

Bohemia Divide 2024

Bohemian Divide is a 800km unsupported bicycle race across the Czech Republic. “Czech Canada” region and the famous Kozákov, a

Le Chablais 300

Le Chablais 300 is a 300km off-road bikepacking challenge around the Chablais region of France and Switzerland. The departure and

Umbria Trail 2024

Umbria Trail is a self-supported race with no time limit designed to honor the renowned Italian artists of the Perugian

Calder Divide Trail 2024

The Calder Divide Trail is a multi-day long distance circular route across 12 valleys, 6 moors, and 1 floodplain in

Bristlecone 200

The Bristlecone 200 is a 203-mile bikepacking race in Southern Utah. Using some well-known trails, dirt roads, almost unknown trails

Alps Divide 2024

Alps Divide is a self-supported bikepacking challenge along the national borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland. The route goes along

Montana Bike Odyssey 2024

Montana Bike Odyssey is a fixed route, self-supported, single stage, mixed surface cycling race that starts and finishes in Bozeman

Badlands 2024

Badlands is an unsupported ultracycling gravel challenge across the only deserts in Europe, the wild coast of Cabo de Gata,

Terra Australis Bike Epic 2024

The Terra Australis Bike Epic is an individual time trial route down the eastern regions of Australia suitable for experienced

The Traka 2024

Hop on your gravel bike or MTB and turn your dream into reality. The finest roads, stunning landscapes, and top-notch

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2025

Brace yourself for the challenge across three renowned climbs in the Victorian high country: Tawonga Gap, Mount Hotham, and the

Ascend Armenia 2024

Ascend Armenia is a self supported ultra distance bikepacking race starting in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and ending in

Mountains of the Merfynion 2024

Mountains of the Merfynion single-stage unsupported ultra-endurance adventure will take you to Wales, the Brecon Beacons, the Western Cambrians and

MADE handmade bike show 2024

The MADE handmade bike show is a multi-day trade event showcasing over 200 cycling builders and brands with consumer-facing days,

Grelly 2024

Grelly is a self-supported offroad bikepacking adventure open for solo riders and duos starting and finishing in Eupen, Belgium. There

Arden2Eifel 2024

A non-stop, GPS-tracked self-supported bikepacking challenge Arden2Eifel covers an off-road A to B route with 2 staffed checkpoints, going from

Alaska-Divide 2024

Alaska Divide is a 1700 km (1056 mile) unsupported bikepacking adventure in Alaska, from Anchorage on the Cook Inlet to

Austrian Extreme Bike Race

The Austrian Extreme Bike Race is a single stage bicycle adventure race designed by Austrian adventure racer Tanja Hacker. The

Super Carpatia 2024

Super Carpatia is a mountain biking adventure that is a combination of two epic challenges: the Carpatia Divide and the

Mother North 2024

Mother North is an unsupported bikepacking adventure in the enchanting remote Norwegian lands with 16.000 m of elevation gain. You

2024 Colorado Trail Race

The Colorado Trail Race features 500 miles and 70,000′ of elevation gain traversing through the Colorado Rocky Mountains between Durango and

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