Léman Gravel Challenge 2024

The Léman Gravel Challenge is a self-supported fixed route ride across the landscapes of Lac Léman. The route takes you through the […]

No Borders Bikepacking 2024

No Borders Bikepacking is a 3 days off-road cycling challenge set in the heart of the Alps. The route crosses

Bull Ring 200 2024

The Bull Ring 200 is a 200 mile MTB/Gravel supported or self-supported adventure that orbits Birmingham in a clockwise direction.

La Conquista Bikepacking

La Conquista is a 650 km with +9000m elevation bikepacking event inspired by El Cid conquering Valencia in the Middle

Pinyons and Pines 2024

Pinyons and Pine is an underground self-supported bikepacking event that takes you on the tour of Northern Arizona and combines

The Accursed Race 2024

The Accursed Race is a 1600 km with 37,000m elevation fixed route, off-road race exploring the Balkans – the heartlands

Seven Serpents 2024

Seven Serpents is a bikepacking ride from Ljubljana to Trieste along the most beautiful paths of Slovenia and Croatia. The

All Along The Watchtowers 2024

All Along The Watchtowers is a 800km 4-day bikepacking race along seven iconic Luchtwachttorens in the Netherlands during the Hemelvaarts

Ride Across Arizona 2024

RAAZ is an ultra endurance cycling challenge following the AZ Gravel Highway. There are solo and duo, self-supported and supported

Seven Serpents Quick Bite

Seven Serpents: Quick Bite is the smoother and shorter version of Seven Serpents with a mostly smooth gravel and almost no hike-a-bike

Empire Lands 2024

Empire Lands is a 915 km 70% offroad gravel bikepacking event with a D+ of approximately 13,000m inspired by the

Yorkshire Divide 2024

Yorkshire Divide allows you to embark on gravel bike and mountain bike adventures on trails that celebrate the rich heritage

Race Across Italy Unlimited 2024

The Race Across Italy UnLimited is a Race Across Italy without support with 10 days to complete and two categories available,

Race across Italy 2024

RAI 775 is the first Italian Ultracycling event across 4 regions, the Apennines, two seas with over 10,000 meters of altitude. It

Ultraknuckle 2024

Ultraknuckle is a 222-mile self-supported race in Utah connecting the hardest trails in Washington County with 72 hours to complete

A-Cross the 3 (ACT3) 7th edition 2024

ACT3 is a 500km unsupported bikepacking adventure across Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany, with about 10.000 verticals. Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CmXoYyuTSoU6RajmW9gZYxxdPsOMznxFjvDA2qMHOn8/viewform?edit_requested=true

Race around the Netherlands 2024

Race around the Netherlands is a 1900k self-supported bikepacking race with 6800m of elevation. The RatN has two categories, solo

Veneto Gravel 2024

Veneto Gravel is the biggest gravel bikepacking adventure in the world through nature, landscapes, countryside, hills, and Venetian cities. There

Tour De Los Padres

The Tour De Los Padres is a demanding bikepacking route through the picturesque landscapes of the Southern Los Padres National

Norfolk 360

Norfolk 360 is a hybrid cycling event combining both road and off-road segments while leading you to some of Norfolk’s

Gravel del Fuego 2024

Gravel del Fuego offers 2 distance options: Registration: https://graveldelfuego.com/tickets-en/

The GranGuanche Audax

The GranGuanche Audax is a self-supported single-stage, fixed-route, endurance event across the Canary Islands with three options for bike and

2024 Stagecoach 400

The Stagecoach 400 is an annual self-supported mountain bike event highlighting the diverse geography and culture of Southern California. The

Doom 2024

Doom is a beautifully evil bikepacking event in Arkansas that offers an authentic Ozark backcountry adventure. The terrain varies from

Fried Clay 200K

The Fried clay 200k is a 130 miles self-supported endurance event down the gravel roads of Georgia, including the Chattahoochee-Oconee

2024 East Texas Showdown

The East Texas Showdown is a self-supported event through Sam Houston National Forest and The Davy Crockett National Forest that

Ruta del Jefe 2024

Celebrate adventure, education, community, and advocacy by participating in the Ruta del Jefe, a binational cycling event on the unceded

2024 Super Jambo Grom Pre Max

Jambi Jambi presents The Super Jambo Grom Pre Max, a 1000 km self-supported bikepacking race in Australia, covering the New

Maricopa Trail Race

Maricopa Trail Race is a 240 miles self-supported ultra endurace race in Phoenix that traverses nine out of the ten

Cloudride Prologue 2024

Cloudride Prologue 2024 is a self-supported entry-level bikepacking race, perfect before undertaking a multi-day challenge. It is a great opportunity

Monaro Cloudride 1000

Monaco Cloudride 1000 is an off-road bikepacking race in Australia for experienced multi-day riders. Participants must have a high level

The Drift 100

A true challenge in magical untaimed wilderness, The Drift 100 is a 103 miles race in Pinedale with more than

Florida Divide 2024

The Florida Divide is a yearly spring off-road adventure in the state of Florida. 4 route options: Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/698983708087?aff=oddtdtcreator

Queen’s Ransom 2024

The Queen’s Ransom is a 227-mile bikepacking route across the greater East Valley of metro Phoenix, Arizona. Connecting various popular

Hunt Sydney to Summit 2024

The Hunt Sydney to Summit is a self-supported bikepacking challenge developed by Dan Hunt, the creator of the Hunt 1000.

2024 Iditarod Trail Invitational

The Iditarod Trail Invitational is the world’s longest-running winter ultra-marathon traversing the historic Iditarod Trail. Applications for the 2024 ITI

Wendigo Ultra 2024

Wendigo Ultra is a 200 km self-supported ultramarathon in Canada that involves travelling through remote and semi-remote sections of rail

2024 Tour Aotearoa

Tour Aotearoa is a 3,000 km bikepacking trip that stretches from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The route combines cycle trails,

Actif Epica 2024

The Actif Epica Ltd is a self-supported winter endurance race. The route with a 50 km course and a 115

Transcordilleras 2024

The Transcordilleras is a self-supported bikepacking race across the Andes in Colombia. Along the route, you will cross the three

Atlas Mountain Race

The Atlas Mountain Race is a single-stage, unsupported cycling race starting in Marrakesh, traversing the Moroccan Atlas, navigating through the

Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra

The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, renowned as the world’s most challenging ultra race due to the extreme coldness, will trace

Race Around Rwanda

The Race Around Rwanda is a 1000 km 40% off-road bikepacking event around Rwanda with 4 checkpoints and lots of

The Huracan 300 Challenge

The Huracan 300 Challenge is the ultimate off-road endurance event featuring 100+ miles of singletrack, as well as double-track forest

Arrowhead 135 (2024)

Arrowhead 135 is a yearly ultramarathon on Arrowhead State Trail for runners, bikers, and skiers. Entry is not guaranteed. Qualifying

Tour Te Waipounamu 2024

Tour Te Waipounamu is a bikepacking race spanning the entire length of the South Island in New Zealand / Aotearoa.


Photo from https://www.fat-viking.com/no FAT VIKING is a winter ultra endurance race on snowmobile tracks, dogsledding trails, snowcovered roads and cross

The Mule Trail 2024

The Mule Trail is a 450 / 630 km self-supported bikepacking race across Costa Rica from the southern border with

Shaky Isles Challenge 2024

Photo from https://www.tourtewaipounamu.co.nz/sic Shaky Isles Challenge is a 45% unpaved fixed route bikepacking event from the Deep South at the

Fat Pursuit Camp 2024

Photo from https://www.fatpursuit.com/fatpursuitworkshop Fat Pursuit Workshop is a 3-day camp in the Yellowstone region where you can test gear and

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