Alaska-Divide 2024

Alaska Divide is a 1700 km (1056 mile) unsupported bikepacking adventure in Alaska, from Anchorage on the Cook Inlet to Deadhorse on Prudhoe Bay. Alaska is considered to be the Last Frontier of North America, home to the most unrelenting weather, the most dangerous predators, and the most remote wilderness of the continent. The route will take you across the subarctic ecosystem of southern Alaska to the arctic tundra north of the Arctic Circle. There are also some of the best gravel roads in the United States here. Pack your bags. The Northern Lights await!


AUGUST 26, 2016 – Lakes of Central Alaskan Range – Route 8, Denali Highway, Alaska,a dirt road offers stunning views of Mnt. Hess Mountain, & Mt. Hayes and Mnt. Debora, Alaska
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