Cycling Singapore: A Handbook for Urban Riders

Singapore pulses with speed. From sleek automobiles to rapid financial transactions, the city embodies swiftness in every facet of life. Amidst its dynamic urban landscape, where modern skyscrapers stand shoulder to shoulder with historic colonial structures, cyclists navigate through a maze of bustling streets. 

Their journey isn’t just about keeping pace with the city’s relentless energy but also about seeking solace and tranquility amidst the chaos, finding moments of calm and cooler climes along their chosen routes. Despite its small size, Singapore’s island offers varied terrain for cyclists. Coastal roads avoid the busiest areas, and there are plenty of flat routes for riders to enjoy easy kilometers.

When to Cycle in Singapore

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate characterized by hot and humid conditions throughout the year, with relatively consistent temperatures and high levels of rainfall. However, it doesn’t have distinct seasons like many other regions. Instead, it experiences two main monsoon seasons:

Northeast Monsoon (December to March):

– More rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures.

– Expect occasional heavy downpours, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Southwest Monsoon (June to September):

– Drier conditions with slightly warmer temperatures.

– While rain is less frequent, afternoon thunderstorms can occur.

Between these monsoon seasons, Singapore experiences transitional periods with varying weather patterns. Overall, you can expect warm and humid conditions year-round, with the main considerations being the likelihood of rain and the timing of your rides to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Best Cycling Routes in Singapore

Buroh Loop

Distance: 39 km with 512 m elevation gain

Tailored for midweek excitement, this 40km cycling adventure commences amidst the urban bustle before veering onto the West Coast Highway, leading towards an industrial enclave and returning full circle. Experience the exhilaration of minimal traffic interruptions and sparse vehicle presence, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill.
Noteworthy highlights include the adrenaline-pumping Buroh Bridge Sprint, adding an extra dose of excitement to the journey.

Western Countryside

Distance: 62.4 km with 546 m elevation gain

As a bustling metropolis, Singapore boasts a skyline dominated by towering residential, commercial, and office buildings. Embark on this route through the north-western expanse of the island, where urban areas give way to pockets of countryside, including industrial zones and farmlands. 

Experience the serenity of fewer cars, particularly on weekends, as you revel in the refreshing change of scenery and crisp air. Encounter rolling hills interspersed with expansive stretches of flat terrain, perfect for invigorating sprints, before concluding your journey in central Singapore. Look forward to a thrilling finale with the RT Final Sprint segment awaiting at the ride’s end.

Singapore Round The Island (RTI)

Distance: 113 km with 886 m elevation gain

A must-do for international riders is the Round The Island, also known as ‘RTI.’ True to its name, this route offers a comprehensive tour of compact Singapore, allowing you to cover the island in just a few hours. Enjoy a diverse terrain featuring rolling hills, extended straightaways, and captivating landscape vistas. Among the numerous highlights is the exhilarating Nicoll Highway Rush segment, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience amidst the urban landscape.

Two Wheel Cruise SINGAPORE CYCLING TOUR – 130km Round the Island | Century Ride

Mandai Loop

Distance: 43 km with 517 m elevation gain

A favored choice for weekday cycling enthusiasts, this route offers a perfect blend of rolling hills, flat-out sprints, and exhilarating descents, with the Mandai Sprint standing out as a favorite. Completing it lets you to outpace the traffic and wrap up the ride in under 90 minutes. While various cycling groups may introduce slight variations, the common endpoint is the bustling city center, where cyclists gather for a well-deserved refreshment and breakfast.

Southern Climbs

Distance: 43 km with 746 m elevation gain

Embark on a thrilling journey along the southern coast of Singapore, where a series of climbs await. Starting with a scenic stretch along the highway, the route introduces you to a challenging ascent via winding roads up South Buona Vista, followed by an equally exhilarating descent with captivating mini switchbacks. 

Not to be missed is the iconic Mt Faber climb segment, boasting the highest rideable peak, approximately 1.52 km in length, with an elevation gain of 76 m and an average gradient of 5% via Morse Rd. 

For those seeking an intense climbing session, multiple loops of 5x or 10x offer ample challenge. Some adventurous souls have even conquered the Everest challenge on this segment, requiring a staggering 115 loops to reach the summit! 

Before concluding the ride, you circle the enchanting island of Sentosa via a bridge from the main Singapore landmass, encountering a series of punchy hills to satisfy your appetite for adventure.

Places to stay

Singapore has plenty of bike-friendly hotels. Here are the most popular ones:

Marina Bay Sands: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956 link instagram

Hotel Yan: 162 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207581 link instagram

Furama RiverFront: 405 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169633 link instagram

Fragrance Hotel: 456 Alexandra Road #15-02 Fragrance, Singapore 119962 link instagram

ParkRoyal Collection Pickering: 3 Upper Pickering St, Singapore 058289 link instagram

Bike Rentals

GoCycling: multiple locations link

Go Bike Singapore: 435A Bukit Batok West Ave. 5, Singapore 651435 + delivery link instagram

Hello, Bicycle!: #01-01 Byland Building 135 Middle Rd, Singapore 188975 link instagram

12Cycle: 326 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437104 link instagram

Cafe stops

Below is the list of cafe stops to rest and recharge along the routes.

Ciclo E Caffe: 1 Changi Village Rd, #01-2052, Singapore 500001 link instagram

Blue Balls Bike Cafe: 44 Pasir Panjang Road, Pasir Panjang Recreational Centre (PPRC), Singapore 118405 link instagram

Poison Ivy Bistro: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026 link instagram

Fat Po: 10 Tebing Ln, #01-05/06, Singapore 828836 instagram

Löwe’f Shack: 1230 Upper Thomson Rd, Springleaf Nature Park, Singapore 787129  link instagram

Rock Bar Burger & Steakhouse: 31 Ocean Way, #01 – 06, Singapore 098375 link instagram

If you notice any mistakes or know more exciting routes, events, cool viewpoints, or places to add to our guide, give us a shout in our WhatsApp community! Your input is super important and it makes our materials better.

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