Cycling Vienna: 5 Best Routes, Bike Rentals, and More

Multiple bicycle lanes in Vienna make it an ideal city for cyclists. With numerous clubs, hundreds of bike shops, and countless cyclists navigating the streets, Vienna truly embraces biking culture. 

Exploring the city by bike is easy thanks to its extensive cycle network, which spans 1,654 kilometers and continuously expands. This network encompasses various routes, including cycleways, paths, combined pedestrian and cycle paths, multi-purpose lanes, and traffic-calmed zones. Additionally, cyclists enjoy the freedom to traverse many one-way streets in both directions, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of biking in Vienna.

Climate Overview

Vienna enjoys warm summers and experiences very cold, snowy, and windy winters, with partly cloudy skies prevailing throughout the year. The temperature typically ranges from -3°C to 26°F, seldom dropping below -10°F or rising above 32°F.

According to the tourism score, the best period for warm-weather activities in Vienna is from mid-June to early September. July and August typically experience the highest temperatures of the year in this city. The summer weather is often described as “comfortably warm,” but occasional super hot days can occur due to the urban environment. 

Top Cycling Routes in Vienna

Praterstern to Groß-Enzersdorf

Distance: 52 km with 239 m elevation gain

This route in Vienna offers a rough yet traffic-free experience. Be cautious of stray children along the way. The path is excellent for powering through or taking a leisurely ride. 

After 3km, turn left under the A23 highway bridge towards Lobau National Park, crossing footbridges and spiral ramps over Danube Island. The route is shaded by numerous trees, ideal for a sunny day’s ride, and the abundance of water makes for a picturesque lakeside picnic with insect repellent in tow. Lobau National Park boasts hidden walkways and is suitable for beginners, with no hills and no car traffic to worry about.

Spa Cycling Path: Wiener Neustädter Canal

Distance: 47 km with 176 m elevation gain

The EuroVelo 9, spanning from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea, traverses Lower Austria for approximately 180 km, including a 55-km segment known as the Spa Cycling Path from Vienna’s city boundary at Inzersdorf/Vorarlberger Allee to Kleinwolkersdorf in Vienna New Town. 

This route, ideal for cyclists seeking leisurely enjoyment, passes through the scenic thermal region and renowned wine-growing areas. Starting at Vienna’s city boundary, it winds through Vösendorf, Laxenburg, and the sun-soaked thermal region alongside the Wiener Neustadt Canal, offering picturesque views of the gentle hills of the Vienna Woods, where vineyards thrive. 

The route concludes in Kleinwolkersdorf, known for its excellent wine taverns. With its flat terrain and convenient railway connections, cyclists can easily customize their experience to suit their preferences.

Sepp Wurzel Vienna Spring Rides ’16 – Wiener Neustädter Canal Trail to Vienna, 48 km, 27 kph avg

Vienna Valley Cycle Path

Distance: 40.7 km with 285 m elevation gain

Embark on your journey at Schönbrunn Castle, once the residence of the Habsburg emperors from the 18th century until 1918. This remarkable Baroque ensemble and its gardens housed the world’s first zoo in 1752. Follow the Vienna River cycling path, immersing yourself in the stunning natural beauty as you leave the city behind. 

Whether you’re drawn to the region’s rich history, cultural treasures, or simply the scenic landscapes and breathtaking views, the Vienna Woods offers an array of picturesque destinations to satisfy every visitor. Take a moment to relax and cool off at Vienna Woods Lake before continuing your exploration.

R-A-F Wibowo Gravel cycling with kids in the Vienna woods (Wienerwald)

The Danube Cycle Path

Distance: 340 km with 1459 m elevation gain

The Danube Cycle Path, renowned as one of Europe’s most scenic bicycle routes, leads all paths to Vienna. Starting in Passau, it meanders its way towards the mouth of the Danube at the Black Sea, passing through picturesque destinations such as Linz, the Wachau, Klosterneuburg, and Vienna. This route is only a part of the whole route with a destination in Vienna.

Look Past Limits Cycling Eurovelo 6 | Passau to Vienna Austria

Liesingbach route

Distance: 45.3 km with 162 m elevation gain

The Liesingbach route offers a tranquil cycling experience on the south side of Vienna, a little further out from the city center. The path gently winds through fields and small settlements at the city limits. The route is suitable for all skill levels. The starting point of the tour is accessible by public transport.

Bike-friendly hotels in Vienna

Hotel Kaiserhof Wien: Frankenberggasse 10, 1040 Wien link | instagram

You can rent a bike in the hotel.

Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design: Lange Gasse 13 · A-1080 Wien link | instagram

You can rent a bike in the hotel.

Where to Eat

Cyclist: Arsenalstraße 10, 1100 Wien link | instagram

Velobis: Johnstraße 1-3/Linzerstraße 2, 1140 Wien link | instagram

Harvest: Karmeliterplatz 1, Wien, Österreich 1020 link |instagram

Bike Rentals

Velopod Vienna: Obermüllnerstraße 11/1, 1020 Wien link 

Bike & Ski Heinz Csarmann: Linke Wienzeile 128, 1060 Wien link

Vienna has a system of public air pumps, which are available for cyclists at heavily frequented places.

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