The Ultimate Guide to Cycling in Fethiye with Hedonism Cycling

With our friends from  Hedonism Cycling, we’ll guide you through the best routes to explore the Turkish coastline, from mountains and sea to beaches and highways, passing through pine forests and flower-filled landscapes.

Turkey is a top vacation spot and a fantastic place for cycling, with especially captivating routes circling around Fethiye. However, its popularity among cycling enthusiasts is relatively recent. Just three years ago, spotting a cycling tourist in Fethiye was rare. In 2021, Hedonism Cycling organized the first bike camp there, paving the way for increased interest in exploring Turkey on two wheels. Since then, more and more people have been drawn to Turkey for cycling adventures.

These guys have set up bike camps worldwide, from Finland to Colombia. Don’t miss out on their upcoming camps—they’re bound to be exciting. Plus, if you’re headed to Fethiye, we’ve got a guide ready with top routes and recommendations from Hedonism Cycling.

Loop around Peninsula

Distance: 18 km with 306 m elevation gain

It’s perfect for a first ride and for exploring the city from up high. On the way back, stop at Senit Bakery for a croissant with filter coffee and watch boats and ships emerge from the bay.


Distance: 65 km with 750 m elevation gain

Gocek is a popular yachting town, resembling one big marina. Relaxing on the shore after a ride, you will see dozens of sailing yachts. By the way, during Turkish Hedonism Cycling camps the groups often go on boat trips.


Flat route: 

Distance: 56 km with 374 m elevation gain

If you want more challenge:

Distance: 82 km with 944 m elevation gain

It’s an unusual, nearly flat route along the highway. For a challenge, consider a pit stop at SÜ’s Coffee and venture to Oren, where you’ll find the ancient ruins of Arax and a small canyon. Alternatively, return to Fethiye via the winding mountain road that leads to Uzumlu.


Distance: 46 km with 626 m elevation gain

The route is steadily uphill, leading you to a small mountain village. Indulge in the traditional Turkish flatbread, gözleme, at the cozy cafes in the old streets. If you continue the journey to Nif, you’ll ascend nearly 2000 meters in total.


Distance: 90 km with 1400 m elevation gain

The Turkish coastline used to be the site of the ancient state of Lycia, and Tlos is just one of its main cities. Steep uphills and ancient civilization have never been so close.


Distance: 45 km with 1400 m elevation gain

Following a challenging winding road, you’ll arrive at a town divided into two halves: one side is the abandoned ancient district and the other is bustling with life and blooming trees. As you journey through the forest toward Oludeniz, you’ll encounter one of the most breathtaking beaches on the Riviera.

PRO Routes: Fethiye—Kirme, Fethiye—Babadağ


Distance: 96 km with 2300 m elevation gain


Distance: 50 km with 2000 m elevation gain

These routes are tailored for experienced riders. So prepare for the challenge, review the weather forecast, pack sufficient water and snacks, and bring friends for added support. Even if your friends don’t have bikes, it’s worth exploring the route by car or motorcycle.

Where to Stay in Fethiye

Fethiye boasts numerous fantastic hotels, but we suggest opting for Airbnb apartments. The city offers plenty of apartments and villas, providing a more comfortable stay, especially if you have a bike. 

Here’s a little secret: Hedonism Cycling is gearing up to launch a hedonism house in Fethiye in the coming fall of 2024—you might want to consider staying there!

Where to Eat in Fethiye

Not in Paris—Pas Normal Studios coffee house ambassador on the Turkish Riviera: web | Instagram

C.R.E.A.M.—a coffee shop in the central alleys: web

No48— a small coffee shop in the center and a large coffee shop No48 Coffee Garden by Çalış beach: web | Instagram

Trio—for breakfast, lunch and dinner near the waterfront: Instagram

Nomades—a modern cuisine restaurant: web | Instagram*

Pasa Kebab— traditional Turkish food: web | Instagram

To be street food—burgers, tacos and noodles: Instagram

Chez La Vie—a bistro in the city marinas: web | Instagram

Parma Cheese—take-away pasta.

Ado Döner, Ağa Döner, Dönerci Samet usta, Redd Donas—you can try Turkish doners and durums here, and go to Pelikan Cafe (Instagram) for balik ekmek, the main fish street food.

Fethiye Dondurma Dünyası (Instagram), Fethiye Künefe Hane (Instagram), Servet Şekerleme—Turkish ice-cream, sweets and baklava.

Restaurant at the Unique Hotel, Köşe Kahve (Instagram), Apple Cafe (Instagram), Mancero Kitchen (Instagram)—big Turkish breakfasts.

Bike Stores and Workshops in Fethiye

There is a basic set of necessary spare parts in stores. However, for more specialized gear, local cyclists often resort to online orders or ask friends from Europe to bring them along.

Sada bisiklet—a workshop: web | Instagram

Atlas Pedal—the biggest bike store and workshop: web | Instagram

Can Bisiklet—a store: web 

If you feel like exploring Fethiye by bike and in good company, Hedonism Cycling is planning a cycling camp in the region this fall. Registration details are forthcoming, so stay tuned to their website for announcements.

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