Cycling Brighton: Top Routes, Best Places to Stay, Tips, and More

Brighton and Hove, situated along the southern coast of Great Britain, stands out as a lively seaside hub celebrated for its diverse communities, eclectic shopping districts, and thriving cultural scene, notably the renowned Brighton Festival. The city harmoniously combines historic allure with contemporary attractions, showcasing landmarks like the iconic Brighton Palace Pier, the picturesque pebble beach, and the Royal Pavilion commissioned by King George IV. 

The city boasts a comprehensive network of cycle lanes and bike-sharing initiatives, facilitating convenient exploration on two wheels. Cyclists can test tranquil country lanes, rugged off-road trails, and scenic coastal paths. Embracing the cycling culture, Brighton and Hove hosts events like the Brighton Naked Bike Ride, aligning with the global movement to promote cycling, sustainability, and body positivity. 

The city’s blend of coastal allure, cultural vibrancy, and eco-conscious ethos, coupled with its cycling-friendly infrastructure, positions it as a standout destination for tourists, especially those seeking outdoor adventures and cycling experiences.

When to Cycle in Brighton

Brighton experiences comfortable summers, long and frigid winters and remains windy and partly cloudy year-round. Temperatures typically range from 2°C to 20°C, with rare extremes below -3°C or above 24°C. Late June to early September is considered the best time to visit Brighton for warm-weather activities.

Top 5 Most Scenic Routes 

Brighton Loop to Shoreham

Distance: 27.2 km with 234 m elevation gain

Before leaving Brighton, explore the vibrant North Laine area with its independent shops and cafes. Nearby, discover the Royal Pavilion Estate, housing a palace, museum, art gallery, and more. Go through The Lanes, once the heart of Brighthelmstone. 

Visit the historic Brighton Palace Pier and the Brighton Fishing Museum along the seafront. Cycle west to see the remains of the West Pier and the BA i360 observation tower. Pass through Hove with its Regency and Victorian architecture. 

Explore Shoreham Port, known for its scallop trade and eco-friendly status. Cross the harbor lock to Southwick, where you can admire the Shoreham Fort remains and the local nature reserve. Follow the route through leafy Southwick, ending in Shoreham-by-Sea, known for its ancient history and Norman-era Church of St Mary de Haura. Learn more at the Marlipins Museum, covering the area’s rich history from prehistoric times to its role in the silent movie industry.

Devil’s Dyke—Devil’s Dyke loop from Brighton

Distance: 43.5 km with 406 m elevation gain

Devil’s Dyke, a V-shaped dry valley plunging 100 meters (300 feet) deep, graces the South Downs in Sussex, southern England, just 5 miles (8.0 km) northwest of Brighton. Managed by the National Trust and nestled within the Beeding Hill to Newtimber Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest, it was once a bustling tourist hotspot in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, it remains a beloved destination for sightseeing, walking, model aircraft flying, and hang gliding, with the South Downs Way traversing the area.

The Muddy Cyclist Exploring South Downs National Park From Devils Dyke | Mountain Biking Sussex

Brighton Pebbles & Pier—Shoreham Estuary loop from Brighton

Distance: 54.6 km with 120 m elevation gain

The pier has undergone significant investments in the past decade, transforming it into one of the top tourist attractions in southern England. One highlight is the Super Booster ride, unique in the UK. It launches four thrill-seekers 38 meters above the sea at speeds of 60mph. 

Restaurants on the pier hold summer events in their gardens, which offer stunning views of Brighton. Visitors can also enjoy two amusement arcades, The Palace of Fun and The Dome, which feature games like basketball and air hockey. The food court serves traditional British Fish & Chips, pizza, hot dogs, and more. 

Along the promenade, trendy cafes and bars line the way, while Brighton Beach offers various sailing activities and water sports. For those interested, there’s even a dedicated nudist area at the eastern edge of the promenade. The Adur River, flowing through mid-Sussex from West to East, meets the tidal Shoreham Estuary.

Beacon Road—Ditchling Road loop from Preston Park

Distance: 52.1 km with 643 m elevation gain

Preston Park is Brighton and Hove’s premier urban park, spanning 63 acres of green space. It’s the ideal spot for sports enthusiasts or those seeking a leisurely picnic on a sunny day. The park hosts various outdoor events and offers cycling lanes from the city center. Notably, the park is home to the historic Preston Park Velodrome, the UK’s oldest velodrome, inaugurated in 1877 by the British Army. With its rich history and modern amenities, Preston Park remains a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike.

Cycling Weekly Ditchling Beacon | Iconic Climbs | Cycling Weekly

Birling Gap—Views towards Exceat loop from Brighton

Distance: 71.3 km with 801 m elevation gain

Birling Gap, under the stewardship of The National Trust, attracts explorers with its stunning trails and beautiful coastal views. The beach down offers a picturesque setting for seaside picnics, boasting rock pools, pebbled shores, and sandy stretches. As a marine nature reserve, it teems with biodiversity, showcasing the wonders of the ocean ecosystem.

Venturing inland from Birling Gap or Crowlink unveils a peaceful place of nature’s beauty. Spanning over 500 acres of green meadows, it’s home to vibrant butterflies and charming wildflowers.

greg mckenzie Descent to Birling Gap

Where to Stay in Brighton

Granville Hotel, Brighton: 124 Kings Road, Brighton, United Kingdom web

The hotel includes secure bicycle storage.

New Steine Hotel B&B, Brighton: 10-11 New Steine, Kemptown, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 1PB, United Kingdom web | facebook

The hotel includes bicycle hire and secure bicycle storage.

The White House, Brighton & Hove: Kemptown, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 1AN, UK web | Instagram

The hotel includes secure bicycle storage.

Drakes Hotel, Brighton: 43-44 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1PE web | Instagram

The hotel includes secure bicycle storage.

Recommended Places to Eat in Brighton

Cadence Cafes and Coffee Shops: The St, Litlington, Polegate BN26 5RB web | Instagram

Lucky Beach Cafe: Kings Road Arches, 183 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 1NB web | Instagram

Laughing Dog Brighton: 31, The Octagon, Mariner’s Quay, Brighton BN2 5WA web | facebook

Where to Rent a Bike in Brighton

Brighton Beach Bikes: 250e Kings Road Arches, Kings Road, Brighton BN1 NB web | Instagram

Rayment Cycles: 13-14 Circus Pde, New England Rd, Brighton BN1 4GW web | Instagram

Cannonballbikes LTD: Melville road Workshop, Julian Rd, Hove BN3 1TH web | Instagram

If you have discovered other fantastic routes in Brighton and wish to share your experiences, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our WhatsApp community. Enjoy your cycling adventures!

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