Vistula 1200

Vistula 1200 is an unsupported bikepacking marathon across the Vistula river, from springs under Mt. Barania Góra to the river’s

2024 BC Epic 1000

BC Epic 1000 is a self-supported bikepacking group ride across South Central mostly along the Trans Canada Trail. The route

Andean Raid 2024

Andean Raid is a cycling adventure starting from the historic Plaza de Armas of Cusco and taking you across the Sacred Valley of

Westfjords Way Challenge 2024

Westfjords Way Challenge is an ultra-endurance stage race around Iceland’s most beautiful and remote landscapes. You will have a unique

The Hills have Bikes 2024

The Hills have Bikes is a fully self-supported bike packing race across Germany that starts and finishes at de Proloog

THE ALPS Ultracycling Adventure

THE ALPS unsupported solo stage bikepacking adventure traverses a fixed route through the mountains of the Bavarian, Austrian and Italian Alps.

Veneto Trail 2024

The Veneto Trail is a 500km unsupported bikepacking adventure with 10500m of elevation gain through the region of Veneto, Italy,

Dead Ends & Cake

Dead Ends & Cake is a 500km self-supported bikepacking adventure across Switzerland with 9000m of elevation. All checkpoints are dead

NorthCape-Tarifa 2024

The NorthCape-Tarifa is a single stage, unsupported cycling adventure from the northernmost to the southernmost point of the European mainland

BT 700

Conceived from a desire to explore the hidden gems of Southwestern Ontario, the BT 700 (now approximately 800 km) is

Taunus Bikepacking No.7

Taunus Bikepacking is a self-supported bikepacking adventure across the Taunus region in Germany with ca. 1,000 km, ca. 20,000 vm,

Hackenpedde 2024

Hackenpedder is a self-supported ultra-cycling bikepacking route across Schleswig-Holstein leading you through various landscapes between the seas, cliffs, gravel roads,

El Piri 2024

El Piri is a solo and unsupported bikepacking gravel adventure starting and finishing in Girona with 20,000 meters of climbing.


The Hope-1000 is a self-supported mountain bike event from Romanshorn on the Lake Constance down to Montreux at the Lake

Hungarian Divide 2024

The Hungarian Divide is the largest national ultra cycling trail across historic sites along the roads of Hungarian central mountains.

Tour Divide 2024

Tour Divide is a self-supported ultra-cycling challenge across the classic Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, the world’s longest off-pavement cycling

Great American Wheel Race 2024

The 2024 inaugural Great American Wheel Race is a 3,600 mile self-supported race crossing the U.S. from the West Coast

Hydra Epic VII

The Hydra Trail is an off-road route comprising 80% singletrack, the result of extensive exploration and sometimes challenging yet ultimately

Triangle of Gravel

Triangle of Gravel is a 4 days gravel bikepacking adventure across four contrasting alpine valleys, routes with glacier backdrops and

Madrid to Barcelona by Pedalma

Madrid to Barcelona is a 700km and +7000m unsupported ultracycling event lasting 50 hours. The route is mostly tarmac with some

The Grand Loop 2024

The Grand Loop is a 365 mile self-supported bikepacking challenge connecting three iconic long distance trails in southwest Colorado and

Trans Balkan Race 2024

The Trans Balkan Race is an off-road unsupported bikepacking race across the Balkans, karstic landscapes and thick forests through the

Highland Trail 505

The Highland Trail 550 is a challenging self-supported mountain bike time-trial through the Scottish Highlands. With no entry fee or

Hellenic Mountain Race 2024

The Hellenic Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through beaches, islands, and the steep, forested slopes

Source to Sea Trail 2024

The Source to Sea Trail is a bikepacking adventure connecting bridleways, drovers lanes, coffin roads, canal towpaths, reclaimed railway lines,

Laba Gravel by Zaik 2024

Laba Gravel is an off-road event exploring the valleys of Leitzaran, Artikutza, Bidasoa, and Aralar. Any type of bike is

Race Through Poland 2024

Race Through Poland is a one-stage, self-supported, and long-distance cycling race with four control points located in the heart of


ZÜRI ESCAPE is a 400km fixed route bikepacking event with 10,000m of elevation taking you through the city of Zürich,

Tuscany Trail 2024

The Tuscany Trail is the world’s largest bikepacking event, held every year in the beautiful region of Tuscany with thousands

Steppenwolf 2024

The Steppenwolf is a self-supported bikepacking challenge across the terrain from Berlin to Usedom and back, crossing the Oderbruch, the

Tor Divide 2024

The Tor Divide is an unsupported, single-stage, fixed-route event crossing the Peak District along trails, bridleways, singletrack and quiet scenic

Léman Gravel Challenge 2024

The Léman Gravel Challenge is a self-supported fixed route ride across the landscapes of Lac Léman. The route takes you through the

No Borders Bikepacking 2024

No Borders Bikepacking is a 3 days off-road cycling challenge set in the heart of the Alps. The route crosses

Bull Ring 200 2024

The Bull Ring 200 is a 200 mile MTB/Gravel supported or self-supported adventure that orbits Birmingham in a clockwise direction.

La Conquista Bikepacking

La Conquista is a 650 km with +9000m elevation bikepacking event inspired by El Cid conquering Valencia in the Middle

Pinyons and Pines 2024

Pinyons and Pine is an underground self-supported bikepacking event that takes you on the tour of Northern Arizona and combines

The Accursed Race 2024

The Accursed Race is a 1600 km with 37,000m elevation fixed route, off-road race exploring the Balkans – the heartlands

Seven Serpents 2024

Seven Serpents is a bikepacking ride from Ljubljana to Trieste along the most beautiful paths of Slovenia and Croatia. The

All Along The Watchtowers 2024

All Along The Watchtowers is a 800km 4-day bikepacking race along seven iconic Luchtwachttorens in the Netherlands during the Hemelvaarts

Ride Across Arizona 2024

RAAZ is an ultra endurance cycling challenge following the AZ Gravel Highway. There are solo and duo, self-supported and supported

Seven Serpents Quick Bite

Seven Serpents: Quick Bite is the smoother and shorter version of Seven Serpents with a mostly smooth gravel and almost no hike-a-bike

Empire Lands 2024

Empire Lands is a 915 km 70% offroad gravel bikepacking event with a D+ of approximately 13,000m inspired by the

Yorkshire Divide 2024

Yorkshire Divide allows you to embark on gravel bike and mountain bike adventures on trails that celebrate the rich heritage

Race Across Italy Unlimited 2024

The Race Across Italy UnLimited is a Race Across Italy without support with 10 days to complete and two categories available,

Race across Italy 2024

RAI 775 is the first Italian Ultracycling event across 4 regions, the Apennines, two seas with over 10,000 meters of altitude. It

Ultraknuckle 2024

Ultraknuckle is a 222-mile self-supported race in Utah connecting the hardest trails in Washington County with 72 hours to complete

A-Cross the 3 (ACT3) 7th edition 2024

ACT3 is a 500km unsupported bikepacking adventure across Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany, with about 10.000 verticals. Register:

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