Cycling Tenerife and Mount Teide: The Ultimate Guide

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is a premier destination for road cycling enthusiasts worldwide. Its warm climate and smooth roads offer excellent opportunities for year-round cycling. The island boasts stunning scenery, including the awe-inspiring Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak, visible from all corners. Pro cycling teams frequent Tenerife for its long and challenging climbs, making the mountain a unique training ground even during European winter. 

When to Go

Tenerife has a consistently mild climate, averaging 23 °C throughout the year, and is one of Europe’s sunniest spots. However, temperatures vary based on altitude, with cooler conditions in higher areas and warmer temperatures near the coast. The best months for cycling are from October to May, and although there may be some rain from December to February, the weather remains suitable for cycling.

Best Cycling Routes


Distance: 47 km with 1594 m elevation gain

The Masca Valley, located in Tenerife’s western region, boasts a stunning natural landscape protected by UNESCO. Cycling through this area offers impressive views and some challenging climbs. The route includes picturesque spots of Tenerife, with small hamlets tucked away in the hills.

Starting the journey in Garachico, a coastal town known for its excellent facilities and convenient location on the island, provides an ideal beginning point. Established in the 15th century, Garachico is one of Tenerife’s most charming towns, featuring a quaint square and numerous restaurants and cafes.

Katie Kookaburra Tenerife’s MOST BRUTAL CLIMB…MASCA!

Distance: 43 km with 824 m elevation gain

This ride takes us to the northeast coast of Tenerife, featuring a short coastal segment and an ascent to Mirador hacia Taganana for a breathtaking view. This protected area ensures access for all to enjoy the historic mountains.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the sole capital of the Canary Islands until 1927, when a decree mandated shared capital status, which remains unchanged. The city’s significant port serves as a vital communications hub linking Europe, Africa, and the Americas, welcoming cruise ships from numerous nations and offering ample facilities for visitors.


Distance: 36 km with 1318 m elevation gain

This route requires a lot of strength, but it is well worth it: the ascent from San Andrés to Parque Rural de Anaga offers breathtaking scenery, Playa de San Roque, a stunning black sand beach in Taganana, boasts the views of Anaga Rural Park, and Playa de las Teresitas, just a few kilometers from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, stands out among the island’s beaches for its unique feature: it’s one of the rare beaches without black volcanic sand, as it’s not a natural beach.


Distance: 92 km with 3100 m elevation gain

The route features impressive laurel forests, deep ravines, rugged peaks, and small villages. It mainly follows the TF-12, known as one of Tenerife’s most scenic roads.

What’s great about this ride is its flexibility in distance and elevation. Once you’re out of the towns, you’re essentially on a loop of the TF-12 with optional extensions. Even if you just stick to the TF-12, you’ll still get a good feel for the Anaga region, with the distance reduced to 50 km and elevation gain to 1,324 m.

Desdelasnubes Parque rural de Anaga (Taborno)

Distance: 40 km with 1072 m elevation gain

A pleasant and straightforward journey from Puerto de la Cruz to El Sauzal. Ideal as a warm-up ride and an introduction to genuine cycling in northern Tenerife. Perfect for when you’re short on time, taking approximately 2 hours to complete.


Distance: 51 km with 2808 m elevation gain

This road climb to Teide is a favorite among cyclists, likely due to its accessibility from bustling Los Cristianos, nestled next to Costa Adeje and Playa de las Américas. Offering a scenic route passing through vineyards and pine forests, it promises an enjoyable ride.

Examining the Mount Teide cycling profile reveals a steady ascent with occasional challenging sections, testing both physical and mental endurance. Spanning 51.3 km, the route offers a satisfying distance coupled with significant elevation gain. Its popularity among cyclists is evident, thanks to the breathtaking views awaiting at the summit.

Bike-Hike-Run Cycling Mount Teide from Los Cristianos – Ascent and Descent


Distance: 142 km with 3358 m elevation gain

If you feel ready for the full loop, this is the ultimate route for you: this one is very challenging yet enchanting, offering a cycling experience second to none. It encompasses the renowned ascent from Granadilla and Vilaflor, traverses Teide’s lava fields, and explores the lesser-known eastern coast of Tenerife. The route boasts excellent road conditions and breathtaking views. If there’s only one ride you can do in Tenerife, this would be the one to choose.

Blackchain Cycling Tenerife Descents // #09 – El Teide – Vilaflor


Distance: 33 km with 610 m elevation gain

This route is much easier than the first two. Still, keep in mind that climbing Mount Teide is not easy no matter the route! 

Taking 1.5-2 hours to complete and accessible with public transport, this route would be the one for anyone who might feel underprepared but still wants to see the majestiс views. Asphalt on Corre Del Nino is perfect to gain speed and have some fun, and Mirabor El Tabonal Negro would be the place to stop and admire the landscape.

Blackchain Cycling Golden Descents // El Teide, 37km from 2165m to sea level (Puertito de Güímar)

Tips for Сycling Mount Teide

Like we already mentioned, cycling Mount Teide is definitely not an easy task no matter the route you take. To help you prepare and make your journey more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of the most important tips and things to consider:

  1. Choose the route carefully given your fitness level. Before embarking, take some time to familiarize yourself with it. Determine where you can refuel along the way and identify any crucial landmarks or points to remember during your journey.
  2. Gear up: Mount Teide is definitely not a place where you want to be undergeared. Typically, most riders opt for a compact 50-34 chainset paired with an 11-28 cassette, although some may prefer a wider range such as 30 or 32.
    Also, I strongly advise using disc brakes in Tenerife. Unlike Alpine or Pyrenean descents, Teide’s downhill stretches aren’t technical but feature long, straight roads with occasional sweeping turns, allowing for rapid acceleration.
  3. Don’t assume you don’t need warm clothes. Weather in the Teide crater can vary greatly, and it gets cold on the descent. A gilet is ideal for the ascent, but bring arm warmers or a shell jacket for the descent and for any inclement weather at the top.
  4. Try to ride early in the morning when the sun rises. It’s not ideal to be exposed to the sun for hours while climbing in the middle of the day. Additionally, coastal roads become very crowded as the day goes on.
  5. Go at a steady pace. Even professional cyclists take hours to conquer some of the toughest climbs in this area.

Places to Stay

On one hand, choosing a base for a road cycling holiday in Tenerife isn’t exactly easy, since the best routes are scattered. On the other, the cycling-friendly hotels are plenty, so you can find the one that suits your route choices the most:

Royal Garden Villas: C/ Alcojora s/n. 38670 Costa Adeje link instagram

Hovima Jardin Caleta: Av. de Las Gaviotas, 32, Costa Adeje link instagram

Hotel Riu Garoe: Calle Dr. Celestino Gonzàlez Padrón, 3, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

Parador de las Cañadas del Teide: Las, Cañadas del Teide, 38300, Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

Kn Arenas del Mar Hotel: Av. Europa, 2, 38612 El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

Bike Rentals

Most bike rentals in Tenerife are located in the touristic area: the southwest. However, even if you stay in another area, most rentals will deliver the bike where you need it. 

Bike 4 You: CC Fanabe Plaza, Av. Bruselas 20, Local 219. 38660 Playa de Las Americas link instagram

Free Motion T3: Avenida de los Acantilados, s/n 38679 La Caleta de Adeje link instagram

Bike Experience: S.L Avd. V Centenario, 2 Local 5 Las Americas, 38670 – Adeje Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

Bike Point: Av. José Miguel Galván Bello 28 38612 El Médano Tenerife, Canary Islands link instagram

Kiraya Bike: Avenida Milán, 71 38260. San Cristóbal de La Laguna link instagram

Cafe Stops

We believe these bars and cafés are excellent options for refueling or simply relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

La Barrica: Carr. Gral. del Nte., 82 link instagram

Bar Parada Chio: Paseo de la Libertad, 10 38689 Chío Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

Bar Cafetería Anyhara: Av. Mencey de Abona, 1, 38600 Granadilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 


Marina Del Sur: Rambla Dionisio Gonzalez, 26, 38631 Las Galletas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

Tito’s: Camino del Durazno 65, 38400  Puerto de la Cruz Santa Cruz de Tenerife link instagram

If there are any unanswered questions or you want to contribute to the guide, reach out to us on Instagram.

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